Long-read sequencing and bioinformatics supplier

We provide long-read sequencing and data analysis with an emphasis on epigenetics.

Nanopore Sequencing

We provide long-read sequencing using PromethION instruments by Oxford Nanopore Tehnologies. We include base calling with any model and DNA methylation.


Let us analyze the data for you! We provide streamlined bioinformatics analysis for variant calling and differential DNA methylation using the latest tools.


Want to get started with your own sequencing setup? Talk to Chris and learn what's needed to start sequencing on your own.

Our Services

Nanopore Sequencing (PromethION)

$2000 per flowcell (PromethION). What can you get for that? 90-120 Gb of sequence. Equivalent to 30-40X depth for a mammalian genome. DNA methylation calls included! You can divide up to 6 samples and barcode the output (e.g., 15-20 Gb each)

Genome-wide DNA Methylation

$0 (included in the price of sequencing). You get DNA methylation values at all 28 million CpG sites. 

DNA Methylation Bioinformatics

$500 per 6 samples. You get DMLs/DMRs between 2 groups of up to 3 replicates each (1 rep minimum). A report with violin plots, bar plots, and sample correlations. Sequencing not included.

Global DNA Methylation (96 samples)

$2500 gets you global DNA Methylation values for up to 96 samples using genome skimming. The service also provides aggregate methylation levels at TSS and LINE and Alu transposons.

Genome Assembly

$6000 per species. Give us tissue and get a de novo assembled publishable genome. All animals accepted.


Want to set up your own sequencing center? How about a portable field lab for sequencing? Need hands-on assistance in the field or the lab? Need software help? Talk to our experts. We consult by zoom, in-person, and across the globe.

Our Prices

Contact us by email for more details

  • 90-120 Gb of Nanopore Sequencing


    One PromethION flow cell run on a P2 Solo instrument. Base calling in 'super accuracy' mode with 5mC detection included. QC metrics included. Up to 6 samples barcoded per flow cell. DNA will be sheared to 5-10 kb and aligned to the genome of your choice. Delivery is QC, Bam, and Fastq files. 2 ug per sample required.

  • Genome Skimming (96 samples)


    Global DNA methylation values for up to 96 samples. Included is the global 5mC DNA methylation percentage, aggregate TSS percentage, and aggregate LINE and Alu transposons. Data has other uses as well. 500 ng per sample required.

  • Hydroxymethylation calling (5hmC)


    For any sequencing service, we can perform 5'Hydroxymethylation base calling (5hmC) as an optional add-on per flow cell. We recommend this for neuronally derived tissues in all species.

  • DNA extraction from tissue


    Qiagen MagAttract HMW tissue extraction.

  • Priority Service


    Our current rate is 6 samples per week with a 3 week lead time. For additional costs, your samples can gain priority and our capacity can increase to 12 samples per week.

  • Field Service


    Our skilled technicians will travel to the exotic location of your choice and perform on-the-spot sequencing in the field for you! Moon suits not included.

  • Standard Methylation Pipeline


    Methylkit pipeline for differential DNA methylation at CpG sites (DMLs) and regions (DMRs). Genome-wide 5mC violin plots, Bar plots for hypo/hyper DMLs/DMRs. Methylartist plot for every DMR. Regional enrichment (e.g., promoters, introns, exons, CpG islands, shores, etc). Requires >10X depth of Nanopore sequencing. 6 sample max. 2-group pairwise comparison only. See demo report.

  • Enhanced Methylation Pipeline


    Some experimental designs require more complex analysis if they have more than 2 groups or nested designs. This pipeline provides DML/DMRs for these types of experiments. Discuss prior to purchase.

  • Genome Assembly (with sequencing)


    You provide the tissue or DNA and we provide a publishable assembly. This service includes 2 promethION flow cells and typically provides >60X coverage for a mammal size genome. Assembled to contig level only. BUSCO scores included. Decontamination included. Methylome included.

  • Genome Assembly (without sequencing)


    Same as above without us sequencing. You provide the fastq files, we perform the assembly. Long-reads preferred.

  • Custom Bioinformatics


    Discuss your needs and we will provide a time estimate for your project.

  • Field Kit Advising


    Guide and up-to-date equipment list to start your own field sequencing lab. Laptop recommendations, equipment, and software pipeline described. This is a blueprint, not an implementation.

  • Lab Sequencing Startup Advising


    Guide and up-to-date equipment list to start your own sequencing center in your lab using a PromethION P2 Solo. Custom computer build list, network build list, and storage array designs included.

  • Ready-to-Go Complete Sequencing Center


    Implemented Lab Sequencing Startup. Includes custom built computer capable of live basecalling a P2 Solo, 100 Tb storage array, and networking equipment, P2 sold directly by ONT. Includes library prep training and data analysis training.

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Successful projects in my lab




Field sequencing of DNA: ● Identify new subspecies● Population genomics ● Non-invasive sampling



Surveillance Genomics

Nanopore sequencing can:● Detect tick-borne pathogens● Detect commensal bacteria● Detect human viruses 



Pest Genomics

Genomics for crop pests has:● Sequenced the genome of the soybean midge● Detected GMOs


Clinical Health

Disease Genomics

Personal Genomics in the clinic can:● Identify pathogens & resistance● ID mutations in newborns● Exomes/Genomes/Epigenetics

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About Us

Who What Why?

About Us

I am a university professor with 20+ years of research involving DNA and epigenetics. My lab routinely sequences DNA from species across the vertebrate radiation and measures DNA methylation, hydroxmethylation, along with sequence variants. Let me help you in your next sequencing project!


I established this company to bring speedy long-read sequencing and data analysis to those who don't want to wait for core services. We also provide bioinformatics reports for long-read sequencing with an emphasis on DNA methylation. We also offer consulting services to set up your own in-house sequencing setups for lab or field.

Fixed Price

Tired of "Contact Us" to see a price? Not here! 
Our prices are right out front! We keep the options limited to keep costs down and fast turnaround. Each service is a bundle of fixed options that our company regularly performs with high accuracy. There are plenty of general sequencing services companies out there. Our niche is for sequencing and data analysis for the ONT platform. 

Our Team

The experts behind the name


Chris Faulk, PhD

Dr. Faulk has worked in genomics and epigenetics for over 25 years. His research using nanopore long-reads has been featured in some of the top journals in genomics. He founded this company to make it easier for others to access this revolution in genomics.

Founder and CEO of Decorative Genomics.


Carrie Walls

Carrie Walls has the most bench-side experience in ONT library creation in the tri-state area. Ms. Walls excels at protocol optimization and cost-cutting. She will handle your samples with care.

Affiliated with Decorative Genomics since our founding.


Niki Flack, DVM PhD

Dr. Flack is an expert bioinformatician with a specialty in long-read sequencing genomics. She has years of experience in data analysis covering bioinformatics of insects to humans along with genome assembly expertise.

Affiliated with Decorative Genomics since our founding.


Buddy G. Cat

Lord Budlington "Buddy" G. Cat serves as moral support and provides expert guidance on team building in our company.

Chief Kibble Officer (CKO)Affiliated with Decorative Genomics since our founding.

Have Any Questions? Call or email memoc.scimonegoced%40kluafc